London Eagles FC (2015-09-05 19:23:28)

London Eagles FC


London Eagles F.C. is a football club aimed at children that has been functioning in the United Kingdom for over 10 years.

At this time the club has 12 teams which range in the ages of 6 to 15 and the total number of members is nearly 200. 

 IBB Polish Building Wholesale is the main sponsor of the 12B team.


London Eagles FC


IBB has been providing financial help during the organisation of the successful Tournament Mlodzikow, which during last years 

 Over 500 children and adults took part in. Without their help, hosting such a big event wouldn’t be possible.

My self and all of the people at the club would like to thank Mr Jacek Ambrozy, the owner of IBB, for all the help he has brought to London Eagles F.C.


Andrzej Blasik

Chairman London Eagles F.C.